Tourism - Natural Sceneries - Falls and Spring

By: Israel Oller Rudio, PITO-LU

The Province of La Union is blessed with majestic waterfalls because of the continued protection of trees in its mountains that help keep our bodies of water flourish, constantly nurturing Mother Nature all year round.

An example of which is the enchanting Tuddingan Falls in the Municipality of Naguilian. Unlike other waterfalls in the province which have poor accessibility, visitors have the luxury of walking on a 700-meter cemented pathway with grills beside Bagulin Road up to the hill overlooking the waterfall, thanks to the able leadership of Mayor Reynaldo “Bobot” Flores and Tuddingan Barangay Chairman Julio A. Sabala who have been very active in protecting and at the same time promoting the priceless treasure of La Union’s Basi capital. According to the friendly village chief, the sources of Tuddingan Falls are the numerous water springs in the mountains which also supply the vast riceland of Naguilian. All year round, Tuddingan promises a fantastic view, showcasing clean and strong water. This towering beauty of about 70 feet has a man-made pool-like base which makes it more tempting to swimmers, especially for those who love to make daring dives by jumping from its perfectly formed multi-layered rock strata. Tuddingan Falls was the venue of the 2004 Global Reunion of Naguilian, where the Balikbayans’ homesick feeling was instantly quenched by the charming waterfall.

Through the dynamic partnership of the Municipal Government of Naguilian and the Tuddingan Barangay Council, two Bahay-Kubos and a comfort room were constructed in the area to cater the needs of the visitors. A 3-storey reservoir is also being planned for construction at the top of the waterfalls to control the drop of water and assure the visitors during any season of a strong and captivating waterfall.

Visitors can reach Tuddingan Falls by Tricycles or Jeepneys bound for the town of Bagulin, which is about 6 Kilometers away from the town proper of Naguilian.

Other attractions:

“Balay Anito Falls “ means house of Unseen Friends or Anitos. It is great waterfall cascading to a very deep water called “ban-aw” about 20 meters deep. The sides are so steep one has to cling to the exposed roots of trees along the precipice in order to get down.

Lon-oy Spring - It is located between Barangay Lon-oy and Barangay Bayabas of San Gabriel, La Union with an area of approximately 10 hectares, it consists of numerous natural springs, three deep waterfalls and pristinely clear and invigoratingly cool waters.

Bakes Swimming Pool - It is located at Sitio Dercas of Barangay Lon-oy, this natural pool derives its water supply from Lon-oy Springs. The cool breeze in the area refreshes a weary and tired adventurer or traveler.

Guinabang Falls